Gospel Leaflets, Preaching, and Mc Donalds in West Bromwich?

This week in West Bromwich, I have been very encouraged by people’s responses to the gospel! I have been out today with a mission group, and with one of my dear friends giving out leaflets and gospels to the very busy square in West Bromwich. I’m not a great evangelist on the street, but I can give out things and greet people. After an opening prayer, we dived straight in and were giving them out left, right, and centre. I must have personally given out 30+ leaflets in about an hour and half alone, plus the other 5 of us were giving out similar numbers. I’ve been doing this since October last year, and this is the most encouraging day of outreach so far. I had learned that people will ignore leaflets that have the words of “God” or “Jesus” on the front because they are off-putting. Now don’t get me wrong, of course that is the whole point of doing evangelism, to share the grace of God through Jesus Christ, but people want things that apply to themselves. The most popular leaflet is the one that says on the front

What is your greatest need?

People today are in need! They are in need of answers, money, food, wealth, satisfaction, joy, peace, family, friends etc. We are in need of things, just like third world countries (on a different scale). We need the love of Jesus. we need our friends and families to talk openly about the love of Jesus. That God sent his one and only son that whoever believes in him may not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16. Imagine if we said that daily to someone we don’t know today. We are not all evangelists but to share the gospel with other people is the commission of Jesus Christ.

There was also street preaching; and it does work. There is a difference between street preaching and street pestering. We don’t need to shout at the top of our voices, or be in people’s faces, we need to be presence and fit in with the area, but stand out in a different way. We offer people on the street something that is free, but at a cost of their lives. The McDonald’s we had for lunch was tasty, but let us be confident in the Lord this day, and tell everyone we know John 3:16!!