Half term Fun!

As I am enjoying my half term holiday, it has given me the opportunity to reflect on the events over the weeks after Christmas and assess how much has been done. In ministry, we can get caught up in so much planning for the future that we forget about the joys and sorrows that have occurred. I can remember one incident when I was playing football with some guys, as part of our Men’s ministry; and one of the youth who was playing, nutmeg-ed me in goal! That was embarrassing! Some of the sorrows are all results of sin, and have been confessed, but I need to dwell on them thoughtfully.

At the same time as meeting up with friends and spending time with my partner, I am trying to catch up on some reading of books that I have bought but haven’t read yet. The first one is by a guy who runs some of the lectures at MMTC (Midland Ministry Training course). Tim Wards “The Word of Life”It is all about the authority of scripture as the word of God, and looking how God relates to his word, and how we are to interpret God’s word correctly. This is a light read compared to John Frame’s “The Doctrine of God” that I did last year, but it is part of my preparation before heading off to college, as well as reading up on my notes on the lectures that he did on the doctrine of the word of God, which he did as part of the 1st year program at MMTC.

As we head towards Lent, and the preparations for what we are going to give up, (mine is chocolate like last year), let us use this chance to reflect on how we as God’s children can be bringing people we know towards knowing him. There might be someone who you know who have all the questions under the sun, and yet haven’t read the bible. As I prepare for Lent and everything for next week, after a wonderful break; let us pray for God to break out in to people’s lives this year!