On my way to MMTC

As I was on my way to MMTC this morning I thought I would grab a quick coffee at Star bucks in Birmingham. The girl at the till looked like she was high on caffeine because she was being very chatty. As I approached the till she said to me before I put my order in…” What makes you jump?” I responded clueless and she replied ” I jumped because of my hand shadow” she said. That was a good example of how we today can get frightened of things, but that doesn’t turn into fear! What we do instead is laugh it off and move on. We need to bring the fear of God back into peoples lives. A quote from Ecclesiastes 5 that I studied today gives us the example of someone who understood how to fear God. I quote Ecclesiastes 5:7.
” For when dreams increase and words grow many there is vanity; but God is the one you must fear” He is a God who could destroy us, he has the power to move mountains and create the smallest organisms! But he loves us! Let us be people who share the fear; not in the frightened way, but through the love of God expressed through his Son Jesus Christ to those we know.