Good Friday Meditation service

As we are over the half way point in Lent, it is time to begin the preparation for Holy week. As a MT last year, I was given permission to conduct a Good Friday Meditation based on the Stations of the Cross. The aim of the service is to allow people to come into the church, say a few prayers, sing some hymns and then to begin the Stations. Unlike the traditional method of the Stations, I have made it more like a Labyrinth, to give people the chance to walk through the story in a different way.  There are so many variations to the stations, but I have chosen the nine that are scriptural in the gospels and they are:

Stations of the cross.

  1. Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, Mark 14:32-42
  2. Jesus is betrayed by Judas and arrested, Mark 14:43-52
  3. Jesus is judged by Pilate, Mark 15:1-15
  4. Jesus is helped by Simon to carry His cross, Mark 15:21
  5. Jesus is crucified, Mark 15:21-32
  6. Jesus promises His kingdom to the repentant thief, Luke 23:39-43
  7. Jesus entrusts Mary and John to each other, John 19:25-27
  8. Jesus dies on the cross, Mark 15:33-41
  9. Jesus is laid in the tomb. Mark 15:42-47

At each station, there is a bible open with the selected scripture for you to read the story, then there are application questions to reflect on. There is usually a reflective aid to help you focus, e.g. Jesus in the Garden is represented by a kneeler for people to kneel and pray. The natural way of going through the stations is in a chronological order, but you can go through it by a different order which would be a change.

If you are thinking about Good Friday this year and you have no plans, then I suggest this method as a good alternative for a Good Friday service.


Author: Urban Curate

I am a Vicar in the West Midlands with a passion to serve Jesus. I'm 30 years old, married with two children.

2 thoughts on “Good Friday Meditation service”

    1. The questions are all based on the passages, and I can give an example, but it is best for you to look at the scriptures yourself and bring out your own applications:

      EXAMPLE: Station 5: Jesus is crucified.
      Read Mark 15:21-32: The crucifixion.
      • Reflect on passage and remember Jesus being nailed to the cross.
      • Were the people respecting Jesus?
      • Do you fling insults at Jesus on the cross?
      • Do we expect God to perform every saving task we ask him?
      • How would you feel if you were at Golgotha?

      Then this is a prayer I used for this station:

      Gracious Lord, how can I ever thank you for dying on the cross for me? Your death has given me life. Your sacrifice has led to my blessing. Yet I confess that I can sometimes take your death for granted, forgetting what you did for me and neglecting its significance. Forgive me, Lord. And even though I can’t go to the actual place of your crucifixion today, may the reality of your sacrifice press itself upon my mind and flood my heart. All praise to you, merciful Lord, for Your cross! Amen

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