Instruments In the Redeemer’s Hands: Book Notes: Chapter 11

Here are my notes for Chapter 11:

1. What have I found helpful/ insightful in this chapter?

Rebuking someone in the Love of God is not to be feared or regret but encouraged in order to confront sin, and help each other grow stronger in faith, and to remain faithful to God’s word. I have always thought that rebuking someone would cause real conflict and create barriers for the gospel. But I am completely mistaken! Tripp says “A rebuke free of unrighteous anger is a clear sign of biblical love.” The Bible presents confrontation as one of the cords of a strong relationship, a normal part of the interaction that makes the relationship what it is. I don’t cope with confrontation or being rebuked very well but I understand that it is through rebuking that we are confronting people’s sin. Using the Bible as the focus for confrontation means starting with my own heart. If I don’t I will tend to according to Tripp:

1. Turn moments of ministry into moment of anger.

2. Personalise what is not personal.

3. Be adversarial in my approach.

4. Confuse my will with God’s will.

5. Settle for a quick solution that doesn’t affect the heart.

But we need to rebuke because:

1. The deceitfulness of sin

2. wrong and unbiblical thinking.

3. My view of life tends to shaped by my experiences.

2. How will what I’ve read apply to my preaching ministry or counselling?

I need a model of daily intervention of honest rebuking and make it a regular part of all my relationships. I hope the people I talk to will confront themselves with their sin. I pray I will not condemn them; a sinner to a sinner. In My preaching, I hope that as I study God’s word, and bring God’s people closer to him; I will be more confident in rebuking sin and bringing people to repentance and joy through the grace of Jesus Christ.

3. Next time we meet I would like to discuss…

“How do you rebuke someone without being Judgemental?” I would like to know ways which you can rebuke constructively.


Author: Urban Curate

I am a Vicar in the West Midlands with a passion to serve Jesus. I'm 30 years old, married with two children.

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