Instruments In the Redeemer’s Hands: Book Notes: Chapter 6

These are my notes on Chapter 6:

1. What have I found helpful/ insightful in this chapter?

The opening illustration is helpful when I go into full-time ministry, because the tendency to change something to suit another person to avoid conflict is one of my weaknesses.

I found helpful, the statement by Tripp when he says “Being an instrument of the heart means to follow Christ’s example and focus on the heart, especially your own”

We tend to forget that we are just as sinful as the person we help, and that our own hearts are full of the same sin.

Tripp shares his insight about the incarnation, and how every aspect of our existence was meant to be filled with the glory of God. Our hearts can only be changed by this glory.

In order for people to see the glory of God, they must turn to the truth and grace that “Jesus marries together at his incarnation”. The grace of reconciliation, restoration and peace that we need in our society today. The truth that will set hearts free, and open the blind eyes of the world to see the wonders of Jesus.

Though we are Mini-kings of our own lives. We don’t want to be the ambassadors that Paul refers to in 2 Corth 5. In order for us to be effective ministers of the word, we must faithfully obey our king, and I found the model Tripp composed near the end. We need to represent

1. The message of the King

2. The methods of the king

3. The character of the king.

Plus, the model of how we should be an ambassador by the Love-knows- speak – Do.

2. How will what I have read apply to my preaching ministry of counselling?

I will adapt the models of Tripp, and apply them to my own approach to pastoral ministry. I found the most amazing element is to really know someone to the extent that Tripp explains, to make them your friends. If you are not a very friendly type, then you will struggle with this, so I need to be more open to develop friendships in the ministry that goes on.

This chapter has made me realise how much I need to depend on God, and not depend on myself. The phrase ambassador made all the difference. We are speaking on behalf of the king, and when you are involved, it is so easy to allow our prejudice to enhance what we say to someone.

3. Next time we meet I would like to discuss… How can we make everyone we know who is a believer in Christ, an effective ambassador for him?