How well do you “really” know someone?

This week I was reading my chapters In “Instruments in the Redeemer’s hands” by Paul Tripp, and I came across this¬†question made by Tripp.

Have you ever thought you knew someone well, only to discover significant details that you did not know at all?” p163.

Do we really know someone? For we all have relationships and friendships with those we love, but they are only casual relationships that never grow into an intimate relationship. That makes us ineffective as ambassadors, because we don’t know people as well as we should. Why? Tripp gives these outlines which apply to me strongly:

1. Busy lives: We don’t have time to build relationships with people.

2. We don’t want to face what our struggles reveal about the true condition of our hearts.

3. We are blind because of our SIN.

4. No one asks!!

This chapter has convicted me about my slack approach in meeting people and developing a relationship with people. The example of Jesus that Tripp brings out of Hebrews 4:14-16, shows that our suffering is Christ’s suffering. Christ came amongst us, experienced the pain and suffering and really got to know the nature of our suffering. Christ is our model to get to know someone really well.

Do you know your friends really well? Do you really know members of your family/work mates/wife/husband/children?

Why not make 2012 a year of getting to really know who the people are around you.