Getting Married in a church?

I would like to draw to your attention to this video which tells you; what a Church of England “wedding” is meant to be like. As soon as it began me and my Fiance both cringed!!! There are several things that are missing:

1. God.

2. The mention of Jesus Christ.

3. Any useful information.

4. No christian couples represented

5. No mention of bans

6. No mention of wedding prep

7. No gospel

8. No reasons for marriage

9. No model of Christian marriage

10. No costs

11. No marriage after care or prayer.

This video doesn’t promote marriage full stop, let alone marriage in a church. Apparently all the guy could tell me (I presume he had marriage prep?) “that we could get married there and all we had to do is go 6 times over 6 months!!” That is criminal!!!!  Shall I tell my finance who goes to a pentecostal church that she can go to church once a month? How is that going to help your marriage? He then says “We went a few times afterwards” Was there any support for the couple in prayer? Was the gospel shared to them? What were they doing in that church?

Another woman says “The majority of people in the UK said a church wedding was the proper place to get married, its more proper”. I didn’t realise that a church wedding was a place?

Then a vicar on the video called Geoffrey Eze then says “What makes a church wedding special? The music, the hymns, the vicar, the venue, powerful vows, the love of two people coming together”. Where is God mentioned? Where is Jesus Mentioned? Where is the power and love of God who is love mentioned? Whats more important, the presence of a vicar or the presence of God?

I know it is encouraging to see people getting married in church, and it is a opportunity for the gospel to be preached, but videos like this won’t grow the church. I’m planning to get married in a C of E church but there are more problems in this video then I want to mention, because it could put you off. As I’m going into the church myself, I really can’t stress how important God is in your wedding, and the power of prayer.

I pray for this video to be reviewed and changed!!


Author: Urban Curate

I am a Vicar in the West Midlands with a passion to serve Jesus. I'm 30 years old, married with two children.

One thought on “Getting Married in a church?”

  1. Hiya Simon,

    Hope things are good 😀

    Well I was going to respond to this by saying it’s not important and the video is only about the ceremony itself in a church ‘building’ etc. etc.

    but then I actually watched the video… disheartening – videos like this won’t grow the church you’re right, but I did like the part that said about the church family being very welcoming and supportive, that’s very important to keep going. However saying that it seems to me that the whole system appears fundamentally flawed – there was no mention in the video of WHY one would be married within the church other than ‘well the building looks nice and it’s traditional’ which…isn’t really a reason…if you have that point of view then why not just have a state ceremony and hire the building? Seems rather strange to have a christian leader preside over your wedding if you’re not actually christian…or indeed wishing to know more about the christian faith. I do worry about the C of E sometimes…

    Having said that, it is of paramount importance that the church welcome ALL peoples in all aspects of its work, but that’s different from it becoming a ‘free for all’ , which this system seems to be indirectly promoting – a system I’ll be tweaking when I make Archbishop 😉

    Anyway I do hope you’re well, it would be wonderful to catch up sometime 🙂

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