Christian Rap!!!

Secular music watch out!!! The amount of Christian music making it through to the charts is amazing in the States, but in the UK, there is a slow turnover of christian music. I composed an earlier blog describing the growth of Christian Metal music. Well believe it or not, there is something growing called Christian Rap music. The stage of Hip-hop and Rap has been dictated by a lot of corrupt lyrics about beating people up, and showing a “Macho” image. Why would you listen to that? What gives you the satisfaction to listen to the story of a Rapper who earns millions of dollars a year, rather than a Rapper who sings his music for the glory of God. When I became the MT at the church, I introduced to our youth group, Christian Rap. It caught on really quickly, and I have some of them listening to it on you tube. It caught the attention of my vicar, and now he has 2 albums and he listens to them intently.  The lyrics are exceptional!! They are all about the glory of Jesus, and that we are wretches and unworthy people to receive his grace. I’m really passionate about reaching the younger generation with this genre, in order to expose them to the faith of Jesus Christ and not Snoop Dog!!!

There are so many groups and singers out there. If you are a Christian Rapper; I would like to thank you for your ministry, also I will be praying for you to break out into the national charts in the UK and USA and across the world. What a way to worship God in our culture and generation!!!

I would like to leave you with two videos. Both are by a guy called “Lecrae”. He was exposed to the drug culture of today, but found Christ, and goes out to other youths who are exposed to this culture. Enjoy and keep listening to Christian RAP!!!


Author: Urban Curate

I am a Vicar in the West Midlands with a passion to serve Jesus. I'm 30 years old, married with two children.

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