Trying something new…

As I’m preparing to begin a second year as a Ministry Trainee, I am willing to try out some new things that could either help me in my ministry or hinder it. Here are a few things that I will keep updating :

1. Planned for the year:  I was inspired by what Mark Driscoll said in one of his talks at the Church planting Boot camp 5th May Acts 29 (Birmingham 2020) conference at Carr’s Lane Birmingham this year when he said  “Prepare well in advance, think about the music and every small group in what you prepare, everything up to the pulpit”. He prepares well in advance. He mentioned that he tries to prepare his sermons and music at least a year at a time! That is what I’m trying out. I have planned the themes for every youth night in our youth groups for the whole year. It takes the pressure off you during the year. We will see if it works. You might think that I’m not letting God work through it if I plan it all, and you are correct. That is why it is still open for change, but it is better to be prepared instead of panicking.

2.  Visiting people: Being here for a year has given me the chance to get to know people. I haven’t really done any visiting or seeing people, and I want to try this out this next 12 months. I have a passion to watch people grow in their faiths, but also to offer prayers and just be there for people who live on their own or have an illness.

3.  Saying “Compline” (Night Prayer): I have only done my “quiet time” in the morning when I get up, and a quick prayer before I go to bed. Using the Night prayer in the Common Worship Daily Prayer book, has enabled me to thank God for the things during the day; and any problems that I have had, I can offer them to God before I go to bed. I will probably do this for a while, and see how it goes.

They are 3 things that I’m aiming to continue for the whole year, and to contribute towards my continued growth in faith and love, and passion for the gospel.

Do you try something new?