What is available to Men for devotional time?

The Men and motives conference that I went to last month highlighted the need for men in churches. The conference revealed that there is hardly any men in the church, and that needs to change. The problem that I see in the retail market for men, is the material available is very anti-men. The journey to Birmingham and to the christian bookshops is always a delight. When you walk  in and ask about devotional material, you are met with an array of pink and orange. There are more devotional material for women than men! Why? There are some churches today that run like small women clubs. This is not on! The men in the church are being restricted to a lot of the new material that is being written because it is not aimed for them. The argument that you might see in this is, why can’t men use women material? It is not easy for a man to go to church! It is hard, because the society around us see men that go to church either ‘weird’ or ‘camp’. These people in society create a barrier for men to go to church. At all levels of faith, the material is either feminine or gender neutral. There is a book especial for men that I use called “TouchPoints for men” (picture)

This book has given me the direction in christian living being a man. It talks about issues that some of us men have problems with, and this book gives us direction to scripture. The book is crucial for those who find christian living as a man difficult. There are many alternatives to the problems we have that are discussed in the book. It can be used for devotional time because when we spend time with God, we need to be focused on him and the information and reading is very readable for that use. It is designed to help those who find temptation in this world  hard to live with. I will support that there is material for men out there, and there is a choice before you think that I haven’t looked on the internet; but go to a christian book shop and see your devotional area and see the ratio of men and women books.