MT on holiday!!!

Well… at last!! The Christmas build up is finally over and the holiday’s begin. I stayed at the vicarage till Christmas afternoon, after the morning service. The roads around the church were still covered in snow and Ice, and I had to dig myself out in order to get home. Christmas day had an array of events, from stuffing myself with food; opening numerous presents, and meeting family and friends, but was the build up worth only 24 hours? Some one said to me ‘ Is there any point for all this build up for only a day of celebration?’

You can take this view in two ways: 1) Yes 2) No.    Yes: The time and energy that it takes in order to prepare for Christmas is HUGE! It goes from; asking for lists of presents, to getting them, wrapping them  up, and either giving or sending them out! There is also an issue for the food! Christmas Dinner is for some people ‘the highlight of the year’.  It is amazing how much food we fetch in and consume in a period of 24 hours. The most frustrating is putting decorations up, and down!! The hours of fixing bulbs that have blown, or drawing pins that fall out, and blue tac that loses its stick! The rewards are a pretty house that looks festive. The end!!

No: Well the fuss of fetching tonnes of food is unreal!! The turkey that will last for a month! The sprouts that will be thrown down the garden, the crisps that are stale and small sausages that go green!  You could have a Big mac and fries, instead of a 4 course meal, and the hassle of washing up!!! The useless presents! Many people have presents that they can class as being ‘Junk’! It varies from old videos, to china vases, even plastic plates!! You could go to a car boot sale and collect all the rubbish, so why at Christmas?? The final thing is; the hangover!! The amount of work that goes in to it requires a months holiday!! It takes you longer to recover from it than it does for you to prepare for it, so there is no reason for you to get a present in September!!!!!!!! (refer to Tesco)!!

This is not a debate that I’m worried about, but I feel that people are getting a bit tired of preparing for Christmas, and they fancy just to give up!!! If you feel like that then why don’t you cut down from this year? Make next year, a complete refreshment of simple food, and simple presents !

I have two weeks off and they will be different! I have a conference on the 5th January and then I’m back in position! Watch this space! There are a lot of new and exciting events going on in 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Author: Urban Curate

I am a Vicar in the West Midlands with a passion to serve Jesus. I'm 30 years old, married with two children.

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