Is the future of the church going to be like an ‘Agony Aunt?’

This is the latest item on the agenda! The problems that society have are being focussed on the life of the church.

I went to a vocations workshop about the sustaining practises that could help the life of a priest. It was really good, because it was open for discussion, but also it was good to share experiences with other clergy, and also the opportunity to work out strategies to prevent ‘spiritual and physical burnout’. The meeting was going smoothly, untill there came a point when we got in to small groups to discuss what we would do in certain scenarios. This then opened up the character of a lot of pertensial ordanands. The session turned in to a ‘agony aunt’  session. A lot of the women were getting emotional about ‘My relationship could change with my friends’, or ‘my husband wouldn’t like that’, or ‘I don’t like that’, etc. I sometime wonder how these people get so far with their own ministries, let alone, with the ministries they will conduct in the future. I know God will ordain them in what he wants them to do, but i do have a slight concern with the future of the church. There are so many people who are going forward for all types of ministry, but, have they sorted their own lives out, before they can conduct advise to any one else?

If these people are going to be the leaders of the church, then ‘Oh dear..’ I know that everyone has problems, including myself, but: if you don’t offer your problems to God, then you become burdened with a lot of rubbish, which could crush your ministry. If these people go out with problems on a major scale, they will be useless to anyone who needs spiritual, and physical support. I do wonder if a lot of people know what is in stall for them.

I went to the food bank again yesterday, and there are suggestions to go out and live like those who sleep rough, in order to experience some of the pain that some people face.  Could you imagine, any of those people who have a ‘status’ doing anything like this?   I woke up to the real world, outside of the church, when I  came to this neck of the woods, and I must say; God has shown me the reality of this world! I hope and pray tha the church as a whole can see it too. I don’t mean the whole church, but the local church.

My bible notes today are about being forgiven and cleaned. It brought up the passage in John 13, about Jesus washing his disciples feet. Jesus as the servant king, who will serve upon those who accept him. This passage some up the blog as a whole.

The church has people who have dirt in their lives, and especially leaders;  and they need someone to clean it away. Their sins need wiping away, and Jesus is the only one who can do it. Peter denies Jesus the opportunity to begin with, but Jesus said (13:8)

 ‘ Unless I wash you, you have no part with me’.

We should all accept Jesus, and to ask him to wash our feet (our dirt and sins) in order to live a clean life, and also offer to him the problems and desires that we have to him.


Author: Urban Curate

I am a Vicar in the West Midlands with a passion to serve Jesus. I'm 30 years old, married with two children.

One thought on “Is the future of the church going to be like an ‘Agony Aunt?’”

  1. ‘potential ordinands’.. o yea and ‘sum up’, not ‘some up’.. these seminars sound like a real blast tho man hahahaha.. and i think you should definetely sleep rough for a little while, that’ll keep you from burning out.. live like john the baptist, the original washer of sins before jesus made it trendy

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