MT Vs Archbishop of Canterbury! Clash of ministry!!!!

Well here we are folks… The final showdown between the nations favorite, His Grace the right reverend Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, verses the MT from Holy Trinity West Bromwich. The stage is Telford international centre, the bell goes at 11am.



If it was going to be a title fight, then I probably would win by agility. If though, the fight was down to theological knowledge; the Archbishop would surely win. It was interesting how someone of his authority and status, would want to talk for 5 mins to a person like myself. Let me set the scene first……

The Archbishop of Canterbury is on a Pastoral visit to the diocese of Lichfield (which I’m in), and he is in the area from the 5th November to the 8th November (my birthday). He was speaking at the Telford International Centre on Saturday 6th November in two sessions: 1) His lecture on heresy. 2) An all age worship with the Archbishop’s address.

His first lecture was very linguistic, and well structured, though some theological knowledge before hand would help a listener understand (degree in theology perhaps). After the lecture, we had a lunch break in the large hall, and there were loads of stalls and entertainment on show. During the time when i was bumping into friends of old, I saw the Archbishop walking about, and I thought I would ask him something that has really been bugging me to ask someone like him. When I had caught his eye, he came over and shook my hand. I didn’t believe it!!! I was now in the focus of a serious authoritative person. In one way, the head of the church of England (on earth). He asked me what my name was and what I was doing, and I thanked him for his lecture then this question:

‘Archbishop; How did you feel when you exploring your vocation/calling in to the church?’

He responded: ” Well, I was very nervous,and excited about the opportunity, but I never took my focus of Jesus and his teachings, and you must remember to walk with Jesus, and he will guide you, so don’t be afraid.’

I was stunned! The person on TV, Radio, Newspapers, was actually human! I gave me such comfort and joy to know that even the head of the Church of England (on earth) was nervous, and excited like myself, about the possibility of ordained ministry.

The photo really says it all. What a treat!

I said when I was younger that if I had a life ambition, it was to talk to an Archbishop of Canterbury. It has now been accomplished, and I’m so thankful to God, for giving the opportunity to meet such a man with authority and status.  So it was a clash of ministry, liberal v’s evangelical, but even so, we worship the same triune God, and that is what really counts!!!



Author: Urban Curate

I am a Vicar in the West Midlands with a passion to serve Jesus. I'm 30 years old, married with two children.

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