Noah Play with a twist!!

This is Noah script that I have completely composed and I thought it could be laugh!!

It is being performed soon and You can use the ideas if you like!!

Act 1 Scene 1

The audience is seated and the lights go dim and the scribe appears with a scroll 

Scribe: (coughs) Oh….Hear me people of………

Check notes

Scribe: West Ham (looks confused) Sorry West Bromwich. I have thee a story that goes back a long long time ago. It’s that far back I was a baby in a pram!

On comes a rapper with loud music

Rapper: Yo homies whats up??

Scribe: who (pause)  are you?? 

Rapper: im the S.t.o.r.y. t.e.l.l.e.r!!

Scribe: No your not !!! I am!!

Rapper: Yeah bruv

Scribe: No!!

Rapper: Yeah bruv!!!

Scribe: No!!

Rapper: Yeah right bruv!! Tell ya what. Can’t we team up, cause you can’t read, and I can’t talk so how bout it???

Scribe: Well…….. Ok……Fine………I Suppose.

Rapper: Gruvey!!!!

Scribe: This is a Story about a Woman

Rapper: You mean Man

Scribe: Ok I get the Point!!! This is a story about a man who was called Noah, and it began all the way back when the whole world was a place of Evil!!!!

The scribe and the rapper twirl away behind stage,

Act 1 scene 2

Lots of people just walking about the stage

Scribe: Time passed by and there were many people who were living on the earth. And every one forgot about God……. God was filled with pain and there was lots of stuff happening that he hated in the world.

God: What has happened to the world??  Why don’t they worship me??  (pause) That’s it!!! I will wipe the people and animals that I have created off the face of the earth; I am so angry and upset with them.

People disappear and Noah appears on the stage doing some work and then praising God every few seconds

Rapper: There was a bruv called Noah, and he waz a respectful to God. He paid respect to God; and God paid respect back to him, and they were best bros.

Noah then prays to God.

Scribe: God then said to Jonah

Rapper: You mean Noah

Scribe: Thank you … Yes; Noah

God: Noah! Things have gone wrong!!!! The people that I have created are filling my world with hate instead of love. They are destroying themselves…… and each other…… and my world.

Noah looks shocked and looks up in to the sky

God: I want you to go and build yourself an ark, I want it to be 150 metres long, 23 metres wide, and 14 metres high. The reason is that I’m going to bring a flood which will wipe out the hatred off this earth. I promise to you that your family and sons will be safe. I will also send to you…  two of every animal one male and one female, and you are to take food with you! I will let you know when the time comes!!!!

Noah: Ok Lord, I will do what you have asked!!

Noah gets up and goes to get his family and they start to build an ark. Scribe and rapper start to speak.

Rapper:  oooooooooooo what’s gonna  happen bruv??

Scribe: We will find out soon!! You should have read the script like me!!!

Rapper: Respect!

Scribe: (sarcastically) Ok… Noah began to build the ark and his sons and his wife were there to help him.

Act 2 Scene 1

Noah and his family have built the whole ark and he is touching up the bits with his sons.

Shem: Dad .. What are we doing??

Noah: God has told us to do it so stop arguing!!

Ham: Why is it so Big??

Noah: Its for a reason!! Trust Me.

Japheth:  Are we going to live in it??

Noah: Yes we are!! Now! Go and get the Food!!!



Act 2 scene 2

God then calls on Noah and Noah then prays up to God

Scribe: God calls Jonah.

(Rapper shakes his head with disbelief)

God: Noah! Go in to the ark and take with you all that I have told you. Take you and your family. Take two of each animal, one male, and one female. I will send the storm in seven days from now, and it will rain for forty days and forty nights.

Noah: Ok Lord I obey you!!


Act 2 Scene 3

Noah and his family enter the ark with each animal, and they all get ready to be shut in (SONG: Animals go in two by Two) Children need to walk in to the ark directed by Noah and family

Scribe: God made sure that Noah and his family were safe in the ark. Outside, there were his neighbours who were shouting things to him and laughing.

Neighbour 1: Noah you fool, what you doing??  Are You expecting a flood?? (Throw rock)

Neighbour 2: Noah!! I hope you realise that we are in a desert!! There is no sea for miles!!!!! (Throw rock)

Neighbour 3: Noah!! You are only going to need an umbrella if it rains, why build this thing?? (Throw rock)

Rapper: They were still picking on my bruv and laughing, until everyone of the family wasz in ‘da boat. Noah didn’t mind, he listen to his homie; God, and he  ‘den  send the rain and it came down from heaven and started to fill the earth with water!!  

People started to walk around the ark,  Water guns start shooting in the air. Then when the floods( Screen changes)  rise they all start to drown and fall down.

Scribe: God sealed shut the door of the ark, and as the waters rose, the people started to drown and the earth was being transformed in to a massive pool of water.

Rapper: wow, you wanna go for a swim??

(Both pull their trousers up to their knees)

Scribe: Not now im busy!! So.. As God promised the rain lasted for forty days and forty nights….

Rapper: Really??

Scribe: Yes, read your scripture!!!! Anyway… The floods lasted for 150 days, and Noah and his family were safe with all the animals in the ark!!

Rapper: Im hungry bruv!!

Scribe: well gets some food then!! Its a long time to wait for the waters to go away!!

They disappear and the lights dim as the ark is left floating.

(Interval if needed)

Act 3 Scene 1

Rapper comes back with a beard, and The scribe comes back with a longer beard. They both look tires and stretch and start to wake up

Scribe:  WOW…That was a long time!!

Rapper: I know! Where were we??

Scribe: Yes… After it had stopped raining, Noah opened a window on the ark, and let a love out so that he could see if the love returned or not. If it didn’t, that meant it had found some land!!

(Noah lets out a dove and the dove controller takes the dove to the tree, and the Velcro will pick the leaf off and then take it back to Noah)

Rapper:  You did mean dove right?? Dove is a bird

Scribe: yes that is what I said

Rapper: no you di… (pause)  never mind! The dove returned back with an olive leaf, and everyone knew exactly what that meant….. It had found a tree!!, This meant that there was Land. The waters were going down!!

(Screen Changes to dry land)

Scribe: The waters were going up and….

Rapper: you mean down!

Scribe: Ok fine, down! Until the ground was phone dry, and God said to Noah

God: Come out Noah! Bring with you everything in the ark, so that they may multiply on the land that is new and fresh.

Scribe: Jonah came out with everything in the barks including his family and every animal, and he celebrated with them!!

Rapper: You are really bad!!

Scribe: Well…….Fine!!!!

Rapper: I think wat he meant was.. Noah came out of the ark with everything, and he made offerings to God for saving them.

(The animals come out and they celebrate—put dance here

Song) (Ark disappears)

Act 4 Scene 1

The ark is on a flat and Noah was with all the animals and a rainbow appears in the sky. They build an altar and worshiped God.

Rapper: is it finished yet??

Scribe: nearly..Noah make offerings to God for saving him and his families lives, and God made a promise to Noah.

God: Noah! I want to make a promise to you. I will never again flood and destroy the earth. I have set my rainbow (do the rainbow here) in the clouds as a sign of that promise; and when it rains, I will always send that promise so that I may never again destroy this earth!

All: Thank you God for saving us and promising us not to do it again.

Scribe: Well…. that is the story of Jonah

Rapper: you mean Noah!

Scribe: ……….(Look angry)

Rapper: you did mean Noah didn’t you??

Scribe: YES OK I can’t read!!!!!

Rapper: Yo bruv, chill. that was gud and I liked it.  Well I best be off, I’ve gotta bird to catch!!! I’ll  catch you people later. Peace

Rapper dissapers

(scribe prepares himself and squint at the scroll)

Scribe: And that, Ladies and gentlemen is the story of …………

Jonah?? No!!! Noah!!! Good bye!!!

Everyone runs off the stage and that is the end!!!!     (Music/Song)


Author: Urban Curate

I am a Vicar in the West Midlands with a passion to serve Jesus. I'm 30 years old, married with two children.

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