MT getting his hands dirty!

The latest phrase that is being used by Dude is ‘I like to get my hands dirty!’ Ive Just settled down in the life and work of MT and I’m getting more and more excited. The jobs are small, but like any new venture, it takes time to form a consistent scheme of events to formulate. Getting involved with youth work and enjoying the time spent looking at the preparation and engaging with scripture open up so many new doors.

The latest job that has been given to me is to form a drama about Noah for one of our youth groups, in order to raise money for flood victims in Pakistan. It is a very amusing script about a scribe and a rapper telling the story of Noah, but the scribe can’t read, because he can only write, and the rapper can’t talk properly, because he can only rap! It has taken a lot of preparation and it is nearly ready for a rehearsal at last!

I’ve been getting to grips with a very theological book called ‘ The Doctrine of God’ by John Frame, and it is part of my theological refreshment. Where I have got to in the book, Frame talks about God being the controller of everything both natural, and artificial. Looking through the accounts of the Old Testament, there can be seen, many examples of where God, has controlled the situations of the nation of Israel. King David is seen as the most powerful and the greatest king that Israel, and Judah have ever had, and even David is controlled by God. His very anointing as king was planned and carried out (2 Sam 5:1-4).

Frame uses this phrase that is from his book that says:

‘ God’s controlling power is efficacious is simply to say that it always accomplishes its purpose. God never fails to accomplish what he sets out to do’.

What Frame is saying here is just like; God has always had a purpose that I will get my hands dirty in West Bromwich! 

The enjoyment of the work can be very tiring, and demands a lot of thought, prayer, and faith in order for things to work out. In God’s eye’s, according to Frame, we should have no worries, problems or doubts, in knowing that what ever we have said or done; God had planned it from  before the universe was created. How reassuring is that?

Frame though goes on to say that; if we find it hard enough for us to understand that God has planned and controlled all things from before creation, then how much harder is it to accept that God can even control the time and place, and when we sin?? God is a loving God, and Frame then gives us this controversal statement. If God is holy, then why does he control our sins. to me it is like a balance.

In this world there are opposite that balance things up, like light and darkness, cold and warm, sweet and savoury etc. Well there is also good and evil (God and sin). We must remember that God created all things fora reason. The diagram shows how God balances out good and evil. The questions that can come up are: Can evil overcome good in the world? The answer would be no, because God is a loving God, and he controls everything we do, and he would never allow evil to dictate what he has planned when his son returns from glory. It’s like for example:

An earthquake hits England, and it’s terribly, and there are homeless people, and starving kids etc. Good actions balance out the horrible event like: generosity, giving food, providing shelters etc. I know there are problems with the doctrine of balance, but it emphasis’ that God’s power and authority are on top of the natures of good an evil.


Author: Urban Curate

I am a Vicar in the West Midlands with a passion to serve Jesus. I'm 30 years old, married with two children.

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